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Know your customer well and build a long-lasting relationship.

Personalized marketing based on their interest.

Encourage Ratings and Reviews for strong brand recall.


E-Commerce Shopping Apps

Most of your customers are on mobile. From inspiration, curation, shopping and placing the actual order to product and service reviews. 


Club Membership Apps

Grow your community of VIPs. Make it easier to manage club membership and it perks. 


Restaurant & Coffee Shops 

Cater to your hungry customers quickly from placing orders to getting reviews  & ratings at their fingertips. 

Iphone google search.png

Cater to your customer on all the stage of their buying journey.

Problem Recognition
The first stage is always recognition of need or problem. 

Information Search
Consumers try to find goods for satisfying such needs. In this day and age, we call Google them.  

Evaluation of Alternative

Often, there a lot of factors to consider: price points, brand name, alternatives on the basis of attributes of the product, the degree of importance, belief in the brand, satisfaction etc. 

Purchase Decision
Customer goes ahead and place the order, commit to the service after careful consideration. The buying cycle doesn't end here. 

Post-purchase Evaluation
the consumer takes action based on satisfaction or dissatisfaction.

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