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Target Smarter Accomplish More Go Beyond Mass Texting!

Text messaging has become our go-to channel for communication, first for personal use and now for business. Our “SMS Automation” is so much more than just mass texting. Discover how our service helps Fortune 500s and mid enterprises engage subscribers, maximize revenue, and minimize operational costs.

You Can’t Text Without Targeting


People don’t tolerate irrelevant text messages. We automate the processes of both learning about each subscriber and using that data to tailor each message.

Set our software on autopilot, so it carries out tasks for you. Our intelligent Text Bot can even engage in interactive conversations with your subscribers without needing you to intervene manually or ever write a line of code.

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SMS Messaging and Marketing

Mass Texting
Run cost-effective marketing campaigns through our reliable, secure & easily-managed bulk SMS service.

Appointment Reminders
Trigger timely customer engagement with strategically placed notifications on pending bookings, upcoming reservations. Confirm and Reschedule features available. 

Auto Response
Use real-time interactions with auto-response that won't keep your customers waiting. 

Mobile Keyword
We will set up an Artificial intelligence to pick up keywords and designate a response in correspondence to the intent.

Two-Way Texting
Send messages to your subscribers and also hear back from them no matter where they are and at their own convenience.

Quickly do a poll to your audience and learn more about what is important to them. Launch a fun and interactive mobile poll that is both engaging for your audience and gives you great feedback for your business.

Pictures & Videos
Enrich your campaigns with image and video ready features to make sure you deliver your message effectively.

The Message Service That Gives You More Options, More Security and More Flexibility.

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