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Did You Know: You Can Personalize Your Marketing Strategy With Artificial Intelligence?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

In a rapidly growing technological world, consumer needs are radically changing.

The customer’s experience of your business has always been important, but it is getting more and more important since the options customers have to choose from is exponentially increasing.

The market is bigger than it has ever been before, and it’s only going to grow from here.

For this reason, earning customer loyalty is absolutely crucial for any successful business.

What’s the answer to this challenge?

By making your brand as personalized as possible.

Thankfully, with the Mobile App Platform, the latest AI technology can be used to make this personalization a reality!

With machine learning technology, marketers are able to pinpoint the customer’s psychographic touchpoints in order to understand exactly what they are looking for when they go to shop.

With all the data that a Mobile App Platform can collect, the customer’s experience of a brand when they open a mobile app is entirely different from anything previously seen before.

Customers now get to experience a highly relevant, intimate, and personal connection with your brand.

For instance, geofencing technology is able to locate the customer and send them offers and deals when they’re nearby.

Push notifications are able to engage with them in the moments that really matter based on their individual preferences.

The only way to truly reach your customer in this marketing age is to prove you understand them by providing them with products they’ll love based on the data they give you.

Machine learning provides deep insight into a customer that has never been available before.

For instance, if a customer is shopping for a product on your e-commerce mobile clothing store, machine learning technology can collect very specific data based on the customer’s size, taste, color/style preferences, time of purchase, buying history, and more.

It can then offer highly personalized recommendations based on the data it collects for that customer.

This machine learning technology is much more in-depth than the traditional image recognition that is mostly in use today.

The majority of e-commerce customers either use search bars or shop categories in order to discover products.

Unfortunately, the typical metadata that is utilized doesn’t lend itself to very accurate results for customers.

This creates a golden missed opportunity- shoppers can’t find what they’re looking for, which leads to a lowered purchase rate.

With the latest machine learning and image recognition technology, incredible amounts of data (including visual data) can be analyzed in relation to customer choices, which greatly improves search accuracy, leading to an increased purchase rate.

You may be wondering…

...what is the deal with this improved machine learning? How does it work?

The latest machine learning technology uses neural networks in order to collect and analyze information, rather than built-in algorithms and consistent human influence.

This traditional system requires constant restructuring as visual images grow and change.

And they usually still can’t keep up.

It basically works more like the brain of a human rather than a code.

In this way, the machine literally learns on the job through pattern recognition of data that is largely unstructured or unrelated to one another.

And it does this across all media types such as text, image, audio, and video.

The result is a detailed psychographic blueprint of your customer’s behavior.

The Mobile App Platform then uses this data to personalize and segment engagement across all channels in a seamlessly orchestrated system.

With this kind of highly targeted campaign platform, you get a higher customer retention and purchase rate as you engage in the ways that matter- leaving out any irrelevant messages and improving the customer experience.

What are you waiting for?

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