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How to Choose a Category for Your Mobile App

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

As you probably know by now, mobile apps are becoming an essential part of the customer experience for any business.

Mobile apps aren’t just for e-commerce.

Essentially any kind of business can use mobile apps to either sell something or streamline their services.

For instance, medical institutions even have mobile apps to schedule appointments more easily and give their patients easy access to their medical information.

If you navigate to the App Store or Google play, you will see a plethora of various categories.

Obviously, you want to know where your mobile app will fit.

But don’t get lost in the weeds by looking over all of these categories.

In fact, all of these various categories can really be broken down into six major categories.

We will outline these categories below and give some advice on customer retention based on each category’s unique needs and advantages.


Productivity spans a variety of helpful apps that help users organize and accomplish tasks as efficiently as they possibly can.

Some examples of productivity apps are Google Suite apps, such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.

Other examples are Agenda, Evernote, or even Forest, which is a game that plants a tree every time a user focuses on their work without picking up their phone for a certain amount of time.

Productivity apps are very popular.

The more creative, fun, and useful they are, the better they perform.

This category is a goldmine as long as you can find a way to top your high performing competitors.

Social Media

Social media applications are the most popular.

Because social media is such a large part of most people’s lives, the winning social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are fast, intricate, and continuously updating their features to meet user demands.

Now, some people feel that creating a social media app would be impossible.

After all, how can you ever try to compete with the bigwigs of social media?


Just because you may not choose to try to compete with Facebook, that doesn’t mean that making a social media app won’t be useful.

Niche social media apps do wonders for certain industries.

For instance, if you had a fitness & wellness app that tracked various activities such as the amount someone has walked, you could include a social media feature that allows other app users to connect with each other.

Plus, you can add social media sharing to your app, allowing people to share purchases or app activities with their friends on Instagram or Twitter.

In this way, your app gets increased exposure which will eventually lead to more app downloads.


Utilities are miscellaneous tools that do various things, such as calculators, alarm clocks, and flashlights.

These are handy apps that are generally used often, if not for very long.

But because people are always in need of certain utilities, it’s still a profitable app to launch.

When trying to get revenue from a utility app, you are going to want to capitalize on the frequency of usage.


Lifestyle apps are exploding in their popularity.

This is because lifestyle apps define the user.

They become some an intrinsic part of the user’s identity, which means they’re often used daily and for life.

Lifestyle apps can be related to various aspects of life, such as fitness, health, traveling, interests, hobbies, and dating.

Music apps like Spotify use an algorithm to collect data about the user’s taste and frequency of usage.

Spotify then gives in-depth psychographic recommendations based on what the user’s listening habits are.

Apps like Headspace offer daily meditations for users, based on information they give about why they want to meditate.

Whether the user works often and needs ten minutes to unplug or a user is trying to improve their relationships, Headspace specifically caters meditation practices to the user’s needs.

In order to succeed with a lifestyle app, it’s really important to know your user deeply.

The user is counting on this app to understand their needs and provide a platform that indulges their senses.

This is why lifestyle apps generally have such visually appealing formats.

The lifestyle app of choice is like a trusted friend for the user.


Gaming apps are one of the steadiest categories.

They have always been popular and show no signs of slowing down.

Gaming apps have tough competition.

To succeed with a gaming app, you want to make your app fun to play... of course.

From there, you want to offer incentives to keep your users engaged.

If you give them extra resources or abilities within the game for sustained or repeated gameplay, you increase the likelihood of keeping your app usage at a high rate.

You can even give them special rewards for recommending friends in order to boost your user base.


The beauty of news and information in this era of technology is the vast difference between each news outlet.

Whether it’s CNN, Buzzfeed, or even Reddit, each information outlet delivers vastly different content to vastly different users.

As is true with each of the above categories, as long as you know your audience and can give them something unique, you have a golden opportunity to glean users from this category.

Everyone looks for some form of news daily, so you get a solid frequency of usage as well as a good amount of time since information is content-based.

As long as you’re giving your users content in a way they feel like they can’t live without, you will turn your news into conversions.

Final Thoughts

Once you discover the right app category for your business, all you have to do is find a unique way to make your app shine.

The best course of action is to make something that is entirely yours.

Once you fill your niche in your own unique way, your users won’t be able to resist!

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