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How to Grow Your Restaurant Business With Mobile App Marketing

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

If you own a restaurant, you know how competitive the restaurant market is!

In 2019, the best way to get a leg-up on your competition is to introduce a mobile app to your customers.

In mobile app marketing, you can feature everything you also feature on your website- such as your location, menu, take-out orders, etc.

Right now, you’re thinking:

Are mobile apps just a glorified website?

Nope! Not at all.

Yes, your application does everything your website can.

But, it can also do so much more.

Let’s take an inside look at all of the additional marketing opportunities that mobile app strategy can offer you.

If you have any additional questions about mobile app marketing, or would just like to get started, make sure to contact us.

Offers & Coupons

You can encourage app downloads and usage with exclusive offers and coupons.

If you’re encouraging the sale of certain items or you’re trying to bring in groups, apps are a great way to easily promote your restaurant.

You can create new offers every week or month.

This way, customers know that they can expect a good deal and are likely to frequently take you up on your offers.

Sure, you can do this through other forms of marketing as well.

But, with a mobile app strategy, you can offer push notifications, which we’ll talk about next.

Push Notifications

Next up, we have push notifications.

You want to keep customers engaged and keep them updated on any offers and coupons that you might have.

Push notifications are kind of like a text alert, except they are sent in-app rather than through a text message.

In this way, the push notification is directly connected to your business.

Your customer will be alerted each time you send out a notification and they’ll be able to read it on their phone screen immediately.

Push notifications have their own marketing style, as you have a limited amount of characters.

So, you have to make it count.

But, you don’t have to wait on your customer to open your email or check out your social media to be informed about your business.

They receive your notification directly, making it shockingly easy to connect.

In fact, they have about a 25% higher open rate than email.

Higher opens rate = more customers!

Push notifications can offer more than just coupons, offers, and information.

If your restaurant does booking, you can send a notification out to remind your customer of their reservation.

This decreases the risk of them forgetting and never showing up.

You can strategically schedule your notifications around common meal times to give your customers a little nudge when their hungry.

Plus, mobile apps offer geo-targeting.

With geo-targeting, you can ping your customer when they are near your restaurant.

It will feel so convenient for them to drop in when they are nearby!

Order & Reservation

Customers love convenience and in-app orders and reservations offer an amazing incentive to eat at your restaurant.

Millennials and Generation Z particularly prefer to fill out a form rather than call in.

The mobile app offers a seamless process because customers can simply tap on your app and order quickly.

They don’t have to fuss with your phone number or a clunky browser window.

Busy places like Starbucks and Chipotle have capitalized on this process because people no longer have to wait in line.

When they order through the app, they can show up with their food ready- no wait necessary.

Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Finally, this is the number one feature that wraps your whole mobile app strategy together.

Rewards programs provide incentives for repeated returns to your restaurant.

People that join your rewards program through your application have access to deals that nobody else has access to.

The more they spend, the more they get out of the rewards membership.

You can think of it like an old-fashioned stamp card.

But, rewards are an automatic, digital, and points-based system.

Plus, you can offer additional rewards if your customers invite your friends and family to join the membership.

This increases your customer base in an organic way that everyone enjoys!

Hopefully, with this newfound information about mobile app marketing, you’ll see how your restaurant can rake in the benefits of this remarkable system.

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