• Casey Ordona

How to Increase Customer Engagement, Loyalty, and Repeat Purchase With Geofencing

So, you may want a mobile app for your business.

We suppose this is the time that you’ll be looking at all those hot features that makes a custom-branded mobile app the best option for you.

Well… allow us to introduce geofencing!

With geofencing, you can provide the one-of-a-kind customer experience to meet the demands of consumers today.

Let’s begin!

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a location-based tool that is programmed in-app that allows a facility to detect when a customer is in proximity.

For instance, if your favorite grocery store has geofencing, they would be able to detect your phone the second you walk in their store.

From there, they would be able to send you personalized offers and deals to you in realtime while you shop, based on your purchase history.

This adds extra value to your customer experience while you shop.

Let’s break down this value even further.

Ease of Purchase

In mobile app lingo, we have something called micromoments.

Micromoments highlight the behaviors that customers exude when entering a decision to make a purchase.

This includes researching a product, looking at reviews, crosschecking prices, etc.

You can use geofencing to improve your micromoment strategy by providing QR codes that customers can use to scan your product barcodes.

As they scan, it will pull up information about the product that they would typically research.

This improves loyalty, as they know they can trust you every step of the way.

Offers, Promotions, and Coupons

Now, sending offers and promotions are always a powerful thing, of course.

You increase the likelihood of purchase and loyalty.

The advantage of geofencing, however, is that you’re sending them offers while they are shopping.

The advantage is pretty obvious: purchase likelihood increases when offers are being sent in real-time.

Plus, beacon technology adds an extra layer of geofencing, where you can actually track the aisle a customer is in.

Promos don’t get more personal than that!


Like the promos, with geofencing, you can also ask for a customer’s valued feedback right as they leave your store.

This increases the likelihood of them giving feedback while you are fresh in their minds.

From there, you can figure out how to improve while gaining their loyalty due to your care for their experience.

Data Accuracy

Data collection is more detailed than ever with geofencing.

Since you can location-track customers in real-time and collect barcode scans, you have a pristine picture of customers individually and how the store operates as a whole.

You will know your most popular sections, how to avoid bottlenecking, customer wait times, and peak periods.

This not only improves your psychographic data on each customer but also your store’s overall operations, allowing you to curate the perfect customer experience on every single level.

E-Commerce Sales

If your business also has e-commerce, you’re in luck!

Think about it:

All of this data you’ve collected amounts to ways you can personalize the customer experience during online purchases.

Plus, with the trust you have gleaned from your customers in-store, that translates out of store.

If a customer is ready to buy online, they will think of you first.

Final Thoughts

Geofencing is a powerful tool for your in-store and out of store customer experience.

Personalization, segmentation, and targeting reaches a whole new level of accuracy, resulting in increased customer engagement, loyalty, and repeat purchase.

As we move into 2020, it’s essential to have geofencing as part of your personal arsenal.

At GrowSalesIQ, we exist to grow your customer acquisition, repeat purchase, and ROI with mobile marketing services such as omnichannel marketing automation, B2B lead generation, and custom-branded mobile app development.

Contact us to find out more about geofencing and schedule your free demo today!

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