• Casey Ordona

How to Use QR Codes to Boost Your Grocery Store Business

Running a grocery store business can be difficult in a market that moves exceedingly towards the digital arena as time progresses.

But just because you have a brick-and-mortar grocery business does not mean that you can’t use technology to your advantage.

You don’t want to fall into the habit that most grocery businesses fall into where you print out coupons and discounts on customer receipts and hope that gets the job done.

Just because your business is an essential part of the consumer market doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t grow your business by taking advantage of all the marketing resources available today.

Let’s take a look at what you can do to keep up with trends and smash your competition.

The Current Marketing Landscape

Today, the only marketing strategies that survive implement what is called omnichannel marketing.

With omnichannel marketing, marketers combine several cross-channel strategies under one unified campaign to strengthen outreach and bring more customers all the way through the purchasing funnel.

With all the ways that you can reach customers today via email, social media, SMS texting, push notifications, and more, it’s simply a solid enough strategy if you don’t capitalize on multiple communication routes.

Thankfully, we have an easy solution for you to bridge the digital gap without putting in an overwhelming amount of work: QR Codes.

QR Code Coupons

A QR Code is kind of like a barcode, except it’s a square with data that is encrypted in the code.

You can place QR Codes on any flat surface, including a product.

Customers can scan the code with their phones to bring up whatever information you’ve programmed in the code.

Information can include contact info, websites, coupons, product info, or anything else relevant to your QR strategy.

QR Codes work best for providing exclusive offers and deals that get a customer excited to purchase your products.

Direct Mail QR Codes

If you send out direct mail, such as Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer, you can use this traditional marketing method to include QR Codes for customers to scan.

Here all the ways you can use QR Codes in direct mail to increase customer response rate and engagement:


When sending out direct mail, as we’re sure you know, it’s hard to track data and conversion rates because you don’t know how many people that have received mail from you have taken action by going to your store and making a purchase.

When including a QR Code for the purpose of embedded coupons and the like, you now have access to data tracking that wasn’t possible before.

When customers scan your QR Code, you have access to their location, type of device, operating system, and time of scan.

You can also use Google Analytics tools to figure out their gender, age, and interests in order to personalize your marketing strategy based on what you know of your customers.


With this QR Code strategy, you will be hard to compete with.

You can add QR Codes to direct mail, brochures, and other flyers.

Think about it:

You have access to data the average grocery seller does not, allowing you to fine-tune your marketing strategy beyond what was possible before...

...And you have a fun, interactive way for your customers to get excited about your products.

This results in higher customer loyalty, repeat purchase, and ROI.

Final Thoughts

QR Codes are easy to set-up and embed.

For a brick-and-mortar grocery business, they are a phenomenal gateway into using digital technology in a way that is easy, convenient, and effective.

You get a leg up on your competition, excite your customers, and give yourself access to more data than you’ve ever had before.

Combining QR Codes with traditional direct mail marketing strategies pave the way for more innovative ways to understand and reach your customer.

At GrowSalesIQ, we exist to grow your customer acquisition, repeat purchase, and ROI with mobile marketing services such as omnichannel marketing automation, B2B lead generation, and custom-branded mobile app development.

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