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Mobile App Components That Guarantee Profit

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

It can be intimidating to ensure that you have all of the components you need to make a serious profit off of your mobile app.

Thankfully, mobile apps are actually pretty simple.

There are a few key features that any mobile successful mobile app needs.

Let’s explore some of them below!


Most people are visually-driven, so make sure you are showing your customers what you’re selling with high-resolution images.

The last thing people want to see are enormous blocks of text.

This isn’t to say that text isn’t important, but your mobile store should be image-led.

Make sure to include multiple product photos with various angles for each product.

From there, you can focus on important features and use minimal text to describe them.

This will ultimately result in your customers browsing your mobile app for longer periods of time.


Make sure that you provide an account for your users to sign into when they shop on your mobile app.

This will give you insight into psychographic behaviors so that you can target your customers better.

You’ll discover things like their age, gender, location, and anything else that will help your app personalize each user’s experience.

From there, you have access to everything they browse and purchase.

Then, you can send them offers based on what they like, what they might like, or browsed but didn’t buy.

Setting up an account can also give them access to specific actions they can take, such as bookmarking items or saving items in their cart.


Navigation is very important!

Make sure that your app is easy to use.

Things should be organized well and all features intuitive to find.

Also, include a search function so people can find certain items.

To provide a well-functioning search bar, you’ll need to ensure that you use tags and keywords for each product that people are likely to search for.

If your app is too difficult to use, then people won’t use it- plain and simple.

Discounts and promotions

For discounts and promotions, push notifications and in-app messaging are great ways to offer exclusive deals.

That being said, it’s also smart to include a section in your app that lists all discounted items.

Any bestselling items, seasonal items, or special promotions can be featured here.

If you have a retail store or e-commerce website in addition to your mobile app, you can offer discounts on items that aren’t discounted on your site or store, which will encourage mobile app usage.

Retail Integration

At GSIQ, we offer a feature called geo-proximity.

Geo-proximity is a highly beneficial feature if you own a brick-and-mortar store.

If customers have your mobile app and walk into one of your stores, you’ll know exactly when and what location.

Your customer can then receive a push notification that offers them a deal on something they like once they’re in your store.

Social Media

Remember how we said that users should have an account on your mobile app?

One of the ways to do that is to ask them to link their social media.

Customers generally like this option because they can sign in with Facebook with one tap, rather than having to input a bunch of information manually.

And this is beneficial for you because you have so much more psychographic data and customer touchpoints in order to target them successfully.

This also encourages social sharing, as users can tell their friends and family when they’ve bought one of your products in exchange for a coupon.

Data Analytics

You can implement a variety of tools to run insightful data on your customers’ behaviors.

You can see in what areas your app is performing well, what products are converting best, and where you could use room for improvement.

Certain tools can give you insight into where your app may be glitchy and needs updates.

In this way, you are taking an active role in the running of your application and ensuring that everything is running smoothly.

User experience is extremely important- about 48% of app users won’t use an app if they have a bad user experience.

It’s important to stay on top of how your app is functioning and making adjustments when necessary.

You can even ask your customers directly how they’re enjoying the app.

Based on their feedback, you can make improvements.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, plenty goes into ensuring that your mobile app is converting well.

Thankfully, at GSIQ, we are experts at understanding the many components that factor into an app that creates a steady increase in customer retention, engagement, and repeat purchase.

Make sure to schedule a demo with us to maximize your app’s effectiveness.

We're here to help!

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