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Mobile App Strategy for Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Mobile apps are becoming an essential part of any business strategy.

When most people think of mobile apps, they probably think of large corporations, such as Starbucks or Chipotle.

In actuality, mobile applications are becoming commonplace for much smaller businesses as well.

If you want to increase customer engagement, retention, and revenue, we will show you the unique benefits of a mobile app strategy for your business.

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Where are your customers?

Hint: they’re on their phones!

The future is mobile, and the future is now.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have.

Whether it’s a restaurant, retail, grocery store, hotel, or wellness center, your customers are going to want to download an app.

Did you know…

90% of all internet usage is spent on a mobile phone?

Be where your customers are!

Mobile apps are interactive

If you only have a website, you have to wait for your customers to come to you.

Sure, you might have some SEO strategy.

You might have social media to encourage website visits.

And those are all necessary strategies!

But with mobile, you don’t have to hope and pray.

You can be a part of your customer’s conversation.

With push notifications, you can update your customer with any offers that you might have.

You can also use geolocation to give your customers a little nudge when they’re nearby.

For example, say you own a frozen yogurt joint.

You can entice every customer with a frozen treat if they’re within a 2-mile radius of your establishment.

And who doesn’t want that nice reminder on a hot summer’s day?

Plus, with our app, you can start a customer loyalty program that provides even more incentive for your customer.

The more they buy, the more offers they get!

It’s really difficult to pull that off on a web browser.


Large companies have an enormous amount of social proof.

But, as you know, it’s much harder to establish that kind of credibility as a small or medium business owner.

Thankfully, mobile apps encourage trust in people.

If you have a mobile app, people are more likely to see your business as legitimate, modern, and possibly bigger!

Plus, with the seamless app platform and experience provided by GSIQ, your customers will absolutely love using it.


If you sell products of any kind, you’re in luck!

Mobile shopping is the hottest new trend.

Because mobile shopping offers a quicker and more convenient check-out experience than a traditional e-commerce store, it tends to lend itself to more purchases.

There is statistically more repeated purchases and a lower cart abandonment percentage because of the ease of purchase that mobile apps provide.

You don’t have to be Amazon to provide a mobile app shopping experience.

Regular Updates

We’re sure that you have exciting news that you’re going to want to share with your customers.

Mobile apps make this so much easier.

If you have new products, services, offers, events, or anything new, you can send specialized notifications to your customers.

This makes them feel truly connected to you and your business.

It’s so much easier to get the word out when you are connected with a personal mobile app.

Keep in mind…

Your competitors are getting their own apps.

Beat them to the punch.

At GrowSalesIQ, we exist to grow your customer acquisition, repeat purchase, and ROI with mobile marketing services such as omnichannel marketing automation, B2B lead generation, and custom-branded mobile app development.

Contact us to find out more about our custom-branded mobile app service and schedule your free demo today!

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