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Your E-Commerce Business Needs a Mobile App Right Now

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Did you know…

Mobile shopping apps are the fastest growing mobile app category on the market.

In 2019, it has become absolutely essential for any successful e-commerce business to launch an app for their platform.

But you might be skeptical…

After all, the traditional online shopping brings in plenty of customers, right?

Well, sure.

But your customers are moving to shopping apps at an unprecedented speed.

And marketing is all about predicting where your customers are going to be in order to outsmart your competitors, correct?

So, let’s explore why your e-commerce business needs to get on the mobile app train right now!

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User Experience

Mobile apps provide a more seamless process from browsing to check-out.

They have a more intuitive interface, better navigation, and more personalized options.

This improves cart abandonment since it’s easier and quicker for your customers to get to check-out.

People like convenience.

The easier you can make the platform for them, the more likely they are to buy.

Mobile applications streamline this whole process for them in a way that a browser simply can’t.

Studies show that 70% of clients prefer mobile shopping to online shopping for these reasons.

Plus, once you can get your customer over to your mobile app, you’re increasing brand loyalty.

If your customer has singled you out in order to download your unique brand mobile app, that shows promise in terms of sales conversions and repeated purchases.

Now, your products are one tap away.

They don’t have to worry about pulling up a URL and inputting their payment information.

It’s so easy.

Plus, mobile applications are 1.5 times faster than browser windows.

International Access

Mobile applications are much more accessible to other countries.

And, other parts of the world are even more active than the United States when it comes to mobile shopping.

A whopping 50% of all transactions come from a mobile app, globally.

So, you’re seriously missing out if you don’t take advantage of that opportunity!

Customer Retention and Conversion

With mobile app downloads, you’re increasing brand loyalty and client retention.

Because of tools like push notifications, geolocation, and sharing, not only can you frequently communicate new offers and deals with your client, but they can also share your company’s news with each other in order to expand your customer base in easy ways.

Push notifications perform vastly better than email marketing, with a 50% improved open rate and 40% improved click-through rate.

Plus, mobile app users are 50% more likely to return to your e-commerce store within a month.

Mobile applications now make up about 65% of all e-commerce purchases.

And mobile apps triple the conversion rate of traditional e-commerce stores.


What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of this opportunity and watch your sales skyrocket!

At GrowSalesIQ, we exist to grow your customer acquisition, repeat purchase, and ROI with mobile marketing services such as omnichannel marketing automation, B2B lead generation, and custom-branded mobile app development.

Contact us to find out more about how to get your custom-branded mobile app and schedule your free demo today!

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